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LimeWire Basic

LimeWire Basic 4.11.0 Beta

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Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
LimeWire is a fast P2P file-sharing application, letting users share and search for all types of computer files.

LimeWire Basic 4.11.0 Beta Change Log
4.11.0 (03.10.2006)
- Improved connection management. LimeWire will use much less resources and memory when
making outgoing connections or starting a download.
- Support for 'Secure Results'. These are messages that LimeWire can verify are secure
and not tampered with in any way. Some messages that contain risky data (such as a URL
to go to) are discarded if they are not secure. Secure Results will appear in your
search results quality column with a 'lock' icon instead of the stars.
- Support for 'Content Filtering'. This allows users to optionally have LimeWire
check all files they upload and/or download against a list of content that copyright
owners have requested be removed from the network. This feature is in active development.
To learn more about it, visit the content filtering 'about' page.
- Improved temporary task handling. LimeWire will use a pool of cached threads to handle
long-lived tasks instead of constructing a new one for each. This should significantly
improve performance on some machines.
- Improved checking for a live internet connection. LimeWire should do a better job of
knowing when the internet is alive or not.
- Fixed the sizing of the LimeWire GUI. It will now take into account all sorts of intrusions
on the desktop space, such as the dock on OSX or taskbar on Windows (be it on the top, left,
bottom, or right). Folks who liked to keep LimeWire maximimized may have noticed that it
shrank slightly every time LimeWire was restarted. This is now fixed.

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