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LimeWire Basic

LimeWire Basic 4.13.0 Beta

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File size: 2.90MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware
LimeWire is a fast P2P file-sharing application, letting users share and search for all types of computer files.

LimeWire Basic 4.13.0 Beta Change Log
- Integrate Bittorrent.
- Require Java 1.5.
- Many, many behind-the-scenes changes to modularize the code.  Nearly every
  single source file was altered.
- Added support for reading metadata from files in Quicktime format.
- Added support for reading metadata from files in MPEG 1 & MPEG 2 format.
- Fixed editing MP3 files to not use 'unsynchronization', which caused Windows
  Explorer to be unable to interpret the metadata.
- Move deleted files to the Recycle Bin on Windows and Trash on OSX.
- Display "&" instead '&", "'" instead of "'", and other fixes for
  metadata if the metadata incorrectly contained these converted values.
- Begin all file or directory choosers in the last directory that was used,
  instead of the current working directory.
- Added the ability to drop new files or folders on LimeWire and have LimeWire
  ask if you want to share them.
- Added the ability to drag search results to the download table and have them
  start downloading.
- Added the ability to drag files into the media player and have them added to
  the playlist.
- Added the ability to drag magnet links, torrent files, and torrent links onto
  LimeWire and have them start.
- Updated D&D to work on Linux.
- Fix to set the icon to an hourglass while a preview is being constructed after
  double-clicking on a download-in-progress.
- Remove magnet protocol check from LimeWire launcher and put it in LimeWire.exe
- Allow the user to choose whether or not they want LimeWire to be their default
  magnet handler.
- Do not display hidden files in the library.
- Add a 'Search in Shared Files' searchbox into the library.
- Allow multiple hosts to blocked at once from search results.
- Fix to show that a download in 'Connecting...' status is really hitting more
  hosts, by adding 'Connecting (tried ## hosts)' after 15 hosts are tried.
- Fix display of 'Length' and other formatted metadata values in tooltips and
  filterboxes to show as 'HH:MM:SS' instead of a big number in seconds.
- Allow browse-host to work on yourself even if you're firewalled or in a
  private network.
- Allow files resumed from the library to go to the proper directory for the
  file's mediatype.
- Analyze all data files when starting to detect errors and ignore them, instead
  of failing to startup.
- Fix many issues related to upload requests improperly being rejected.
- Improve security of OOB replies.
- Use a pool for deflater / inflater objects, reducing the amount of memory
  required for initiating connections, sending/reading query replies with XML,
  and sending/reading QRP tables.
- Re-enable the magnetmix button by default.
- Use the built-in XML parser instead of bundling an additional xerces parser.
- Fix scanning for stalled uploads to reduce the number of 'watchdog' objects
- Fix launching processes to display a message if the process failed to launch.
- Add support for binding to a specific IP address when creating outgoing
- Internationalize the popupmenu from the system tray.
- Force Windows icons to be refreshed when LimeWire takes a filetype association.
- Open a URL on Windows without requiring the "donotremove.htm" file.
- Launch a file on Windows using the default command, instead of forcing 'open'
- Skip over invalid characters when reading XML (from the network or from disk).
- Do not print [Fatal Error] or other such comments to the console when parsing
  XML from the network.
- Update the About window.
- Remove LimeWire.exe from the Window's firewall exception list if it added
  itself when LimeWire started.
- Optimize right-click menu on text fields to not require retrieving the
  clipboard contents when determining if 'Paste' is available.
- Update the splash screen.
- Fix remembering the windows size, position & state so that if LimeWire is
  maximized, it will start maximized during the next session (instead of
  starting restored with a larger window).
- Optimize the tooltip in the statusbar bandwidth indicator to be lazily
- Disable renaming when multiple files are selected in the library.
- Optimize displaying icons of files in the library.
- Fix to allow renaming a file from CAPITALS to capitals (changing the case of
  the file) on Windows.
- Re-organized the context menu in the library to offer better 'License' options
- Updated the Creative Commons Publish option into an easy-to-use wizard.
- Fix to not allow invalid directories to be typed into the per-media-type save
  directory table.
- Fix to prevent hitting page-up, page-down, etc.. from shifting the search
  input panel left or right.
- Fix to prevent fields that aren't searchable from being displayed in the
  search input panel.
- Update OSX DMG image & OSX Installer image.
- Use the correct locale for formatting numbers.
- Ignore internal errors when opening a filechooser.
- Added 'Refresh' option to context menu in library.
- Fix to hide the splash screen if a fatal error occurs during startup.
- Fix the LimeWire icon to have correct alpha transparencies and look good on
  all versions of Windows.
- Fix saving the playlist to allow saving the existing name again.
- Optimize startup time by expanding themes on demand.
  (Contributed by Johannes Blume)
- Fix an exception when changing the save location from or to the root directory
- Fixed run script on Linux / Unix.
- Fix a divide by 0 bug when reading FLAC metadata.
- Ignore internal HttpClient errors related to reading cookies.
- Fix expiration of QueryKeys.
- Optimize throughput of FW-FW transfers.
- Optimize IP whitelist / blacklist to allow a store/lookup of hundreds of
  thousands of IPs in under a millisecond.
- Read a 'hostiles.txt' file that will auto-add to the blacklist each startup.
- Don't allow arbitrary errors when sending or reading UDP messages to close the
  entire UDP socket.
- Optimized storage-space required for URNs (SHA1 hashes).
- Convert many things to an 'enum' for better type-safety.
- Prevent a socket connect with no timeout from potentially waiting forever.
- Optimize the collection of many small writes to a TCP socket into a single
  larger write.
- Fix reading with a read-throttle enabled to reduce massive CPU usage.
- Optimize events in the I/O thread so that events causing data to be
  read/written will happen before the throttle is informed of time-elapsing,
  allowing the data to be read/written faster.
- Optimize the I/O selector, allowing the selector to sleep until it knows
  something is available.
- Fix NIOServerSocket to close all pending accepted sockets when the
  ServerSocket is shutdown.

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